Multiple power meters

I have a Stages power meter (left leg only) and a KICKR which don’t read very close to each other (KICKR higher than Stages). I think that is more down to having a weaker left leg caused by a ruptured patella tendon injury a couple of years ago. I had been using both sets of power data in my account but it was really muddying the water. Real world rides (Stages) efforts did not seem realistic in Xert. I’ve tried using the Xert Mobile (Android) with Power Matching for training, but find that most of the intervals are just too hard to complete. I have now removed all the KICKR data and just included the Stages data which seem to reflect better real world rides. I will attempt some KICKR sessions with Stages as Power and see where that gets me.

Yes. if your signature was based on the KICKR data and you switched to your lower Stages power, you will have found the workouts a lot more difficult.