Multi user overlays whilst racing in Zwift? How?

I read about Multi user overlays using squads in the article “the ultimate guide to training with xert and Zwift’ and wanted to know how to go this.

As far as I can tell, you need to turn your trainer off controllable to use either garmin App or player app. As such how do you race on zwift without ‘ controllable’ turned on.?

I am using a wattbike Atom, turning controllable off seems to disable the gears

If you want to use Xert App to play and control a workout (i.e. benefit of SMART intervals) - then yes in Zwift turn OFF “controllable” for your Turbo, and connect “controllable” via Garmin/Xert App - this is B in the linked guide

If you are doing a Zwift race and just want to “see” the Xert info then I think you leave Zwift as “controllable” but just connect Power to the Garmin/Exert App then use the Remote Player to display the info - that is C in the linked guide.

The key difference is which controls the Turbo - Zwift or Xert. Under both methods you can still use the Remote Player to display your Xert info on screen.

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Thanks will give that a go

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