Multi sports profiles and syncing

I’ve set up my account with an aditional tab for my running and one for weight training.
When i’m running I just take my Garmin 520plus with me to monitor my HR.
When I end my run, it syncs to Garmin connect, and then to Strava, and from strava to Xert.
But since its a bike computer my running activity will be uploaded as a MTB ride.
I’ll always adjust my activity on Strava to a run. Then it will also adjust on Xert.
However these adjusted running activities never count in my Running tab on Xert. Same thing goes for weight training.

Can someone give me advise how I avoid adjusting these activities, so it counts for the right training load profile in Xert??

I think the initial sync is a one shot process and because you’re using a bike computer it’s uploaded to your xert cycling account, after changing it to a run in strava you could probably go to your xert running account and do a a manual strava sync.
I was using a cycling and running profile in xert since the non-cycling profiles were introduced a few weeks ago but have switched back to a single cycling profile and just use the HR metrics from my runs in this, I found it much more useful than trying to gauge what was going on with multiple profiles.
I think right now in xert unless you just have a run account or whatever the multiple profiles aren’t of any use and make things harder to digest.

In addition, if you have a running and cycling profile, there’s no option to auto sync activities of the opposite type into a given account e.g. I couldn’t sync running activities into my cycling account because I had a running profile, this kinda makes sense but meant I had to delete my running profile to allow me to go back to the ‘old’ way of doing things.