Multi disciplines

Hey, like many cyclists out there I am multi-discipline ride switching from road, MTB and gravel. Well, Gravel is still road, but predominantly rougher roads than traditional asphalt. Seeing that my power on gravel rides is usually always somewhat lower than road rides due to gearing, wider tires and rougher/softer surfaces than on my road bike (I still ride my MTB but not as much lately because we don’t have a lot of decent singletrack where I live now) trying to match a certain target that I got on the pavement/road bike will likely be more difficult than on the gravel/gravel bike. This makes it slightly harder to achieve a breakthrough ride on the gravel bike of a previous high target was reached on my road bike. I guess I can improvise a bit for that by considering a bronze breakthrough ride on my gravel bike as really a silver breakthrough and perhaps a silver as a gold (or a metal that is halfway between silver and gold).

So, do you plan on adding a feature to allow changing between bikes, sort of what TrainingPeaks had before I ended my subscription with them ( because you guys are way better than TrainingPeaks of course and a Canadian company at that, which gets a few bonus points in my books). I know that would lead to slightly different fitness signatures for each discipline, but it would b a great feature to have.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work

Matt :slight_smile: