For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to configure my MPA within my Garmin Edge 1000. I have used Garmin Express to input my code, and change the values that I want, and then made sure it synced. But, it won’t “stick”. What am I doing wrong?

It’s Garmin Express. It doesn’t seem to work on a consistent basis. You’ll have much better luck using Garmin Connect Mobile. Use copy-and-paste features of your phone. Let us know if this resolves things for you.

I have tried using Garmin Connect Mobile as well. It is correct in my phone, but not on my 1000. They are connected, and sync everything else properly. I did a ride yesterday evening, which uploaded correctly as well. But it isn’t pushing my numbers to my Garmin. When I do a hard power-off & restart on my Garmin after syncing, it comes back with the default codes.

We are getting these reports from users and are looking for find a way for our users to get their apps configured consistently. You may try and remove and reinstall the app. We heard others that have had success with this. Very sorry for the trouble. We/ll continue to try and resolve with Garmin.