MPA on Wahoo Elemnt Bolt?

Any chance to get it working on the Bolt?

We are talking with Wahoo but no committed date yet. You may also look to put in your request with them. The more they hear from our customers, the sooner it will likely happen.


So in the meantime, what’s the recommendation for us Wahoo users? Do I just ride trying to hit the correct XSS, or is there a way to do the structured workouts on the road? Can I somehow generate the workout using trainingpeaks and move it to my Wahoo that way? Thx.

yep, just submitted a feature request at their website.

Also submitted a feature request to wahoo. The reply was they are currently tracking Xert requests, so if you’d like to see Xert on the ELEMNT or BOLT then drop their support an email.

“Melinda S (Wahoo Fitness Support)
Feb 28, 7:37 AM EST

Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us feedback on our products. I have passed this on to the product managers to evaluate as we are tracking inquiries for the Xert addition. :slight_smile:

Have a great day,


Thanks Nick/Chup. Dean, the best thing to do is to do your best to meet the targets for the ride without the feedback. It’s actually not that hard to do. TSS makes a decent proxy for XSS so long as you don’t do intervals less than 30s since these don’t get counted with TSS. Look at the Focus Power target and hit that for intervals and once your XSS is reached, you’re done. But also remember that precision isn’t super critical unless you’re training for some major event. For continued fitness gains, just monitor things rather than be fussed about the specifics. Good luck.

Same, submitted a request. Would be awesome to get this functionality included. This is unfortunately probably one of the shortcomings of the Wahoo computer platform; without a platform that support app development (e.g. Connect IQ) we are probably going to see a lot less integrated functionality with Wahoo than we will with Garmin.

I have had so many issues with my Garmin 520 shutting down randomly that I am moving to the Wahoo Bolt. It would be great to see Xert support on the Bolt.

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The new Garmin 1030 is nice. We may decide to take advantage of the screen size and add some more graphical apps for it.

I added a feature request with Wahoo for XERT support. FWIW my response from Melissa was worded slightly differently to the one Nicholas McEntyre quoted above, so good news!

“… have passed this on to the product managers to evaluate as we are actually tracking requests for this addition. Hopefully we’ll get it added sooner rather than later! :)”

+1 from me - lookign foward to this day


Anyone as news about Xert metrics on Elemnt devices ?

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I put a feature request to Wahoo, I 'd recommend all to do the same, click here, I think most of the stuff needs to happen on their side.

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Did you use the form which appears to be setup for support requests? IE the one which requires you to put your address, product serial number etc? I’m not seeing anything that looks specifically like a ‘feature’ request.

It would be really great if we could get this moving somehow, Wahoo plus Xert would be an amazing combination…


I did use that.
You can also chime in on the google group forum:
There’s a long standing thread about xert

Or send an email to