MPA on 935

My signature has been going down a tad since start of July, no worries yet. Yesterday I managed to drag my MPA down to roughly 288 W after doing some climbs and then sprints. Earning a golden :medal_sports:. Although on my activity my PP and HIE went down and MPA was at the lowest of around 700. It just feels a bit too much of a difference for a normal FT. FTP on garmin was set to old signature of 292W giving IF of 0,977. 76 mins of riding. Sig was updated on watch after about 30 mins of riding (added data field then). Just wanna know if all is good or not. I manually upped TP to 295 and BT was still there.

Help please :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas. Could you send a note to with screenshots or urls to explain what you’re seeing? Not quite sure what this issue is, unfortunately. MPA on a 935 isn’t going to be exactly the same as on the server, even if your signature on the 935 is precisely the same.