MPA Missmatch

Hi guys,

My MPA limit on my online profile and Garmin app match, however when I’m riding it eat into my MPA as expected, all the way down till I’m doing more Watts than MPA accounts me for (Seems like 250 is the lowest?). Anyway, when I come back to review my rides, the MPA tracking on my ride profile does not track how it read out on the Garmin app.


KK Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 21

If 250 is the lowest (this is the default), you may not have a properly configured Xert Code. Be sure you have it set correctly on your Garmin app. See the FAQs if you’re unsure how to do this.

That still doesn’t account for my MPA draining away on the ride, but like ii the attachment doesn’t barely dip on post ride review. Am I doing it wrong? :slight_smile:

The FTP default on the app is 250W. If your FTP is higher, you’ll find MPA will drop much quicker. This is why you should update it with the Xert Code. Post ride review uses the FTP that is set in your profile.

Can you enable it so it auto-updates in line with your progression on the website? Its just another thing to keep changing on the Garmin. You’ve already got HR zones, Power zones, Weight to contend with.

Outside of the Xert Player app, the Garmin apps cannot auto-update at the moment, unfortunately.

Ok so I think I’ve figured it out. Editing the apps in Garmin Express - new code added for signature, 330 FTP/TTE, TTR 250, Target MPA 1071. Save, unplug device, settings revert to original. Any ideas?

Sending via Bluetooth Garmin Connect appears to work, but somewhat breaks the IQ App. Each time I select one of the fields to display, it saying a have more enabled than I do. For example I have 2 out of 4 app/fields diplaying - however the count has gone up to 4 out of 4.

Using Garmin Connect Mobile seems to be the consensus on the FB users group.

I’ll remove them all, reboot and start from scratch using the iOS app. Thanks Armando! Similar issues described