MPA in Garmin app not the same as the xert MPA analysis

Hi, I have been riding with the MPA iQ app on my Edge 820. I have noticed that during the ride the MPA varies from my max 1200 to a lover limit 250. I have then reviewed the ride in the xert website. When I view the MPA analysis of the ride the MPA line doesn’t vary as much as I saw during the ride.

On a ride which was an FTP test. The MPA line does drop down to where the test ended and I was exhausted. I didn’t have the MPA app loaded when I did that ride so I can’t say what happened during the ride.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Same here, ftp whilst riding said 338 on the iq app and when I got home it only turned out to be 315 on the website. The difficulty had a massive diffence aswell, 185 on the app and only 124 when synced. The dots were green throughout the entire ride.

Hey folks,

I’ve included a link to our FAQ on this topic:

Most often its because: 1) you got a breakthrough in the ride or 2) your starting fitness signature on the Garmin is not correct (orange dots or ‘check connection’).

I did have a breakthrough on this particular ride but not as big as the iq app stated. This could indeed indicate it was not properly updated when I started. However this doesn’t quite explain the 20 watt diffence in the ftp calculation though.

how do I make sure my Garmin has the correct fitness signature.

Watch the updated signature show on the datafield.

@Rob, you can see what the IQ datafield would have shown in a breakthrough activity by going to Advanced MPA, and clicking ‘Previous’ along the bottom. This will show the activity analyzed using your starting signature for the ride. It should align with what you may have seen on the headunit during the ride. Cheers