MPA Calculations...Hmmm???

I’ve been studying my MPA progression and how it relates to my real word capabilities. If i look at a workout created by Xert workouts and the activity from the workout, MPA doesn’t even come close to real world ability. As one goes above TP, you only have x amount of anaerobic capacity. If the workout holds me at 150% TP for 1:29 MPA decreases, but not enough. I couldn’t pedal any more at 150% 1 minute in. There is no way I could produce 834w as the MPA suggests. I couldn’t even hold 488 for the whole step duration. Then the next step was 250% TP MPA. Which equates to 93% TP for 2:29. No way I could hold this after 150% TP. And my MPA shows it raises at the end of the step. In the real world it was not possible. I had to stop after each 150% and rest for 30-50 seconds. I also couldn’t finish all 30 steps. MPA should always be decreasing over time with work produced. One’s body doesn’t have unlimited supply of work (kJ). Looking at the workouts, HOP target MPA 150% and 93% is very similar to HOP 150% and 93%. The MPA line graph of the later decreases over time and ef fort (still not right), but the target MPA workout has a saw tooth MPA over time… No way. Please Check your calculations as MPA and fitness signatures are not calculating correctly. As well as the workout generator, could you please look into this. Thanks :slight_smile:

What you may find is that there can be discrepancies between some power data. This is usually the greatest cause of “no way I can do this”. Usually, a power meter with higher than normal data was used and this has raised your signature above what you can do, particularly with other power meters. Sometimes, it was because the power meter wasn’t calibrated. If you’re seeing no circles/medals or only circles/medals that are small, this is usually indicative that you may have some power data that is misrepresenting your true fitness. If you have large circles (not just medals) on your Progression Chart, your fitness signature is dialed in. Looking at your chart, I see a few small circles. Double check that your power meter isn’t over shooting your real power. If so, we may need to manually adjust those activity’s signatures down so that they don’t affect your overall progression. In the near future, you’ll be able to flag these activiites so that they don’t throw your progression/current fitness signature off. Let us know if you need help with this. We’re happy to have a look and reset some of your data for you.

Power meter and KICKR are calibrated every time. I will go back through my power meter data and KICKR power data to look if there is a variance. Whether or not my power data is off 1 or 2 % MPA should decrease with time and effort. Even more if producing more than TP. Example today, i had a long effort 1:45 @ 394w avg (See jpg). This effort was 35minutes into ride. along with multiple 1:30 360+w efforts. My MPA didn’t drop until after the effort was over. I can say that at that point i couldn’t produce MPA, I had maybe 50 more watts i could have produced at the end of that effort, but maybe. MPA_Example