MPA Benchmarking

Is there any guidance as to MPA numbers/benchmarking? Xert has estimated my MPA already at over 40Kj which sounds high, but I’m not sure what it really means.

To clarify, MPA is a variable number that represents how much power you have at any given moment during an activity. It does down and up with fatigue. Your fitness signature has 3 numbers, all of which will impact how your MPA changes. MPA starts at Peak Power and slowly starts to decline as you get tired and rises when you recover. Peak Power and High Intensity Energy are normally closely tied to each other, meaning that if you have a high HIE signature variable, your PP is also likely to be high. Generally, if you’re one that has explosive power, expect your PP and HIE to be high. If you’re one that “just keeps going and going”, expect your FTP to be high. So you can somewhat benchmark what to expect by considering other activities like running or other sports and if you’re one that has a lot of power in these other sports (fast-twitch muscles), having an HIE of 40kJ isn’t out of the ordinary.