MPA and XCM?

Hi, just signed up for a Premium subscription and uploaded some 60 activities (4 months) including a number of MTB XCM (3-4h) races (my focus). A few questions:
-I note that my MPA basically does not change during XCM races - how do I interpret that? (my FTP is about 300W and average W during XCM races is about 200 - and I’m “finished” at the end)
-What are key parameters in Xert to monitor for a MTB XCM cyclist?
-Any suggestion re selection of rider type?
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For some type of riding, not all the strain you experience is captured in the power data. Some of it is from running with the bike or requiring upper body efforts. These can add to fatigue whereas MPA may be rising because power is 0. It’s a difficult problem to resolve (although we have some ideas).

Im looking for input on this as well. Can you share those ideas for us users on how to interpret ?

Our ideas are more how to measure these impacts from the other data. For example, correlating HR with power from the ride could allow us to interpolate 0 power data with HR-derived power. Something we are considering for future releases.

What numbers should I use for these types of races in the TTE field, and TTR for endurance type mtb race? And or the MPA field?

TTE/TTR aren’t really going to be useful, unfortunately. You could look at using MPA, by reviewing the chart from a previous race and see where your MPA dips and recall how well you raced. Use MPA on the screen to help you gauge your efforts accordingly.