mpa and time to exh fields

there are 2 fields that need data to be input. fot instance tge time tonexhaustion requires, time to exh in watts, target mpa, tome to recovery in watts, etc etc.
where do i get all this infirmation?
also, how do i use these fields while running?
thanks! it appears that they are of use but i have no idea

Hi Fernando,

We understand that this data field can be a little complex, so we have put together a video that explains how to use the TTE and Focus data fields to freestyle a workout. It should be released soon, keep an eye out for it! Cheers

is it possible to get me the information. i have a ride in 2 hours ( 6 pm easterrn time) and i would love to try it. Thanks

Hi Fernando, sorry, just saw this now.

Have a look at this thread on FB: In the comments, I explain what the settings are used for and give an example of how to use the settings.