MPA and Power data field: 1sec versus 5sec

I’ve tried looking through the FAQs, website, and forum but I can’t find the answer to this.

I can consistently get a breakthrough when I have the MPA and Power using 1 second power average but sometimes I do get fake-throughs. Which is normal and just a good motivator for next time.

I decided to put the power average to 5s under the reasoning that when I do see the power above MPA it would have to have been above for at least for 5s. This should in some sense guarantee a breakthrough.

However, on my most recent ride I had gotten my 5s power above MPA a few times on my Garmin but when I upload it doesn’t really appear so. I still got a very minor breakthrough but not to the level I thought I might.

Is my reasoning about the 5s incorrect?

I’ll admit it has made it significantly more difficult to draw MPA down which is good in my mind. I’m hoping this means higher quality breakthroughs if it is tougher. I just want to make sure I’m not approaching it incorrectly.