MPA_0 vs MPA_1, MPA_10, MPA_60

Hey – It would be really cool if you could adapt the MPA calculation so that in addition to telling you the max instantaneous power available, you could also predict the max sustainable power for other durations (e.g. 1 min, 10 min, 60 min). That would give you an indication of what you should be able to sustain going forwards, given what you have already done. Is that feasible?

Yes. Xert Mobile does this. :slight_smile: Our CIQ apps only give you the inverse - Time-to-Exhaustion - which is the maximal duration for a given power. “MMPA” as a way to refer to these values, could also be plotted similar to the way MPA-Powre is plotted. For example, we could plot 1 minute MMPA against a 1 minute moving power average and, as with the MPA-Power, it they would touch when you reach your 1 minute MMPA.