MOXY monitor

I got this article from Anyone here using this device for assessing workout effects?


No but have seen some discussion on other forums eg and fast talk labs if you want to search forums there (both are free). Coaches seems to like it alongside other metrics / analysis, but haven’t heard of that many individuals using it day to day.

There is also a free ebook you can download from the moxy monitor website

My two cents from what I’ve read would be there are likely some interesting insights with a bit of additional analysis but I’m not sure it’s that easy for the average consumer… maybe it’s more targeted at coaches?

It doesn’t seem that simple to interpret or even visualize in real time (there are expensive apps / tools to buy on top of the device itself), and also anecdotally the absolute levels are not especially comparable day to day / it’s v sensitive to placement location; rather it’s the pattern / rate of change of o2 while riding that’s important…

And then I’m not sure how significantly it would change my training approach knowing whether I’m o2 supply vs utilization constrained…there seem to be some interesting applications to HIT intervals but much of building aerobic capacity is still the basics of simply adding volume with a broadly appropriate intensity distribution…

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Wes, thank you for your reply. I did the following workout today. Just finished a bit a go. My limitation is not muscular O2 depletion. My VO2 max sucks!!! At least if I interpret correctly the chart below: I just went to pot in a handbasket, and that follows two days of quality rest and recovery. So, today’s workout and your reply just saved me a bunch of $$$ re the Moxy Monitor. So, thank you yet again :slight_smile:


Take a look at this blog
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Simon, excellent resource. Thank you for posting. :slight_smile: