More Stars

How to you geht 3 or 4 stars?

I’m relatively new to Xert, but for what I understand is related to the current training load


You have to earn them. :star_struck:
As you progress through the phases (pre-base, base, build, peak, event) and increase TL (training load) and intensity your status stars will creep up the ladder.
Basically train, recover, improve, train more, and repeat until you’ve reached your max.
That said, it doesn’t mean everyone is capable of reaching 4-5 stars (5 = Pro Level rider).
If I hit 3-1/2 stars in a season I’m pretty happy. :slight_smile: To get there I have to increase IR (improvement rate) as much as is practical (hours per week with increasing intensity). YMMV

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Keep raising your training load. Don’t try to raise it too fast as you will overtrain, take your time.

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