More obvious warnings for approaching interval in EBC app

The two beeps for approaching intervals in the EBC app (Android) are very modest. When I don’t pay attention or am listening to music, the intervals sometimes catch me by suprise. I’m missing the ‘start gate’ like sounds (short-short-short-long) like Zwift has for approaching intervals. Also some visual cues (phone screen blinking?) would be a nice addition.

Cheers, keep up the good work!


If you use the Session Player, there is a guide on the chart that you can see coming. That’s been the most useful indicator for me. … but your’s is a good suggestion and not one that would be difficult to implement. Will discuss with the team.


My Karoo 2 with Xert EBC on it, doesn’t make a sound when starting a interval. This would be very helpfull I think.
Or can I switch it on somewhere in options I didn’t find?

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Interval notifications are played from the K2 when bluetooth headphones are paired (only recommend doing so indoors). We are working with HH to get audio notifications for intervals played directly from the K2, but haven’t heard an update from them recently, so I can’t provide any ETA for that. Cheers!

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Good idea!
I like the phone screen blinking idea!
I too listen to podcasts / music and sometimes I miss the cue for next interval, but having the screen flash say 5 secs to the next interval would grab my attention. Visual cue would be better than an audio cue in this case.

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I would love to have audio cues to the start/end of intervals on outside rides (I don’t ride indoors) on the K2, so, it’s a +1 from me