Monthly subscription

I am currently on an annual subscription (annual payment), but i’ve come to find that an annual membership is too much for me, I only need 6months - does the montly subscription allow for subscribing on a per-month basis, so not a complete year? Does this monthly subscription allow to import the data from the prior months (+2 months out of strava) so I could start with a solid data set?

I am on a monthly subscription and all functionalities are there. Please keep in mind that subscription is automatically prolonged, so you have to cancel it beforehand. You have the information on the next billing date in the Billing Portal, so everything is very transparent. You can restart monthly subscription in the future and Xert will import data from Strava for your requested period. All the metrics will be recalculated, so you can see the continous data set also for the period without subscription.

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That is perfect, thank you for confirming.