Monthly PayPal option. why isn't there any?

I tried and liked the Xert training tool, i would like to pay monthly. I don’t own a creditcard. don’t need to, don’t want to. i pay my Zwift subscription monthly by PayPal. Why isn’t this an option at the xert subscription?


I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I’d like to reactivate my account after coming back from injury but don’t want to commit to a full year in case the injury comes back.

Unfortunately there are some technical hurdles with PayPal subscriptions and having them work with the same flexibility you would get with a credit card (promotions, coupons, etc.)

It can be a blocker though. Apart from the additional cost for paying monthly it costs about another £1.25 to pay in foreign currency.


I’m in UK and got the additional charge when subscribing to sufferfest but haven’t noticed it with xert

I retract above comment now, after switching from visa debit to mastercard debit I now get the foreign currency fee.

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