Monitoring high/peak XSS during outside ride?

I was amazed to see that the new training adviser finally started to account for high & peak XSS, so managing progression in those would could become much easier and obvious. It made me immediately re-subscribe after straying around other platforms recently.

Together with the AI workouts the daily target then could be pretty easily executed during any ride, while de-creasing that polarization slider (once it will work) will hopefully prevent even more to throw onceself into overly fatiguing workouts. People have their lives and not everyone can recocover for 4d in a row, just saying.

Thats a big step in the right direction for me, after the latest updates wich more or less dealt with improving indoor group riding were not my cup of tea. Imho, there are a ton of indoor group riding apps, and they all seem to do a pretty good job, while still starving of any significant user base. Why wasting resources in trying to comepte with them? They all can be used together with Xert if thats what someone wants to do.

Anyways, to get to my actual point: The AI workouts are probably a great help to implement progression during outside riding within the 3 different systems.
The one thing which I feel would be even better or allow even more flexibility during so called unstructured riding, would be the ability to just monitor low/high/peak XSS.
Ideally via Garmin. But if thats too much of a PITA to maintain, I guess the mobile app would also do.

Thanks for listening.

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