Modify trainings “once”

Can one modify a WO design “once”?

I have a WO for long endurance, depending on the TGT XSS of the day id like to adjust the WO (lengthen/shorten) but i have the impression the modification is then saved as the new template for that workout. Hence: is there a way to modify a single training, eg once its added on the calendar?

Also, can total xss be used as a delimiter of an interval, eg duration of interval is until 50 xss is spent (thinking both spent during total Workout and during that single interval could make sense). Thinking out loud on how to align to the AI for long endurance, not sure this even makes sense tbh.

I think you have to copy the workout and then delete it when it is done.

Can you provide an example?
Are you referring to an entry calling for Pure Endurance?
To be ridden indoors or outdoors?
You can always use Autogen for an exact match but I don’t think that’s the intent for AI forecasts. The entries are descriptive not an exact prescription to follow each day. That’s why a number of options qualify as suitable whether you choose from workouts, sessions, past rides or virtual.
One problem is the workout/session libraries thin out over 2hrs but there is an argument to be made 2 hours indoors is plenty enough for one day.
As far as Pure Endurance goes you could make longer versions of Lucy in 15 or 30 min increments and be done with it. :slight_smile:

its extremely basic, but for easy endurance i like these: i can watch series on ipad, and just peddle away. the AI and even recommended are often giving me rather hard sessions for easy endurance, with intervals that are borderline tempo effort.

to plan ahead in the calender I would then tweak it eg monday totalling 1h 40m, wednesdah totalling 2h 20, saturday 3h, you get the drill.

with that the planned effort (xss) matches the required effort. Currently I use the above, and for shorter sessions i quit midway, for longer sessions I extend at the end by switching from auto to ERG mode and setting a watt by hand. but it would be more logical if i can paste the above template and then edit the individual sessions.
with eg, i have a library of workouts. once planned in the diary, i can edit either the template in the workout library, or edit that one session by editing it in the diary entry (for that day specifically)

Why not just create a few variants of this workout, e.g. one for 60 min, one for 75, one for 90 min etc. Then you can just put the one you prefer on your calendar?