Modeling low cadence fatigue at equivalent power

I’ve been wondering about how xert calculates low strain. Does xert take into account cadence? Maybe it doesn’t need to. But Does a ride below LTP at 90rpm produce the same strain if done at 60rpm for the same power? The lower cadence effort will be some degree harder on your muscles particularly if it’s a long ride and therefore the fatigue induced could be more than the higher cadence equivalent. Can xert model this nuance?



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We can model the difference but since this requires accurate cadence and power data, we don’t do it currently. If for example, you get a second or two of a low cadence value (say 10rpm at 300W) you get a very high strain value that won’t be representative of the actual strain you received. The anomalous data will get misinterpreted. We have to create a bunch of filters and other data constraints to improve this, but we haven’t yet gone through all the design and coding yet since it’s a non-trivial thing to do.

Thanks Armando for your speedy response. I see now that this could be a challenge but by the ousnds of it you are working towards this goal. So Kudos to you and the Xert gang.