Mobile Breakthrough

Should not show as a breakthrough on mobile app if it not a breakthrough am finding this really annoying i do not often try for one but when i do i need it to count if i had known it was not a breakthrough i would have pushed out another effort

Hi Ray,

The mobile app(s) don’t do the same analysis that the online platform does (data checking/cleaning, etc.) so they use rather simple logic where Power >= MPA for 5s, a BT notification is triggered. In the online analysis, a Breakthrough (or near breakthrough) is only awarded when there is material change in your signature, up or down based on the MPA & Power data.

If you’re really aiming for a Breakthrough, I always recommend pushing until you can’t push any more, rather than stopping at the BT notification… if you’re stopping at the notification rather than stopping when you’re actually exhausted, the system thinks that’s all you have. Think of it this way… the longer you’re able to continue when Xert thinks you’ve reached failure, the larger the resulting BT will be.

As a side note, if you’re within seconds of failure, any changes to the signature should be pretty minimal… within a couple of watts (and most likely within the error margin of your Power Meter). On the other hand, if you’re able to surpass MPA for 10-15s (or more), you’ll likely end up with a more more meaningful change in your signature.

Hi Scott
So the mobile app is not accurate enough to properly register a breakthrough so my feeling would be to turn off the notification , there is a very good reason i do not go to exhaustion instead i normally wait until a breakthrough is possible but controlled. Thanks for the answer at least i know not to rely on the app notification will hopefully push a breakthrough later this week Thanks again