Mobile app vs online app

Is there a reason the workouts suggested by the mobile app differ a lot than the ones proposed by the online app? Also, future rides added to the planner (online), also dont show up as the recommended rides for the day. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi @alainvilleneuve,

Great question!

The mobile app(s) will display the recommended workouts as of right now, immediately. The online platform will display the recommended workouts using the ‘As Of’ time, set under the ‘Goals’ tab online (by default it’s set to 11:59pm to show the training status & XSS surplus/deficit at the end of each day).

If your freshness status is different right now than the ‘As Of’ time online, it’s very possible to see different recommendations between the two.

Those planned workouts will automatically become the selected workout 2 hours before their scheduled start time!

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