Mobile app stops running after about 25 minutes

Hi - experienced a few sudden breaks in xert mobile application recently and wondered what diagnostics I could look for to help discover the cause?

Nexus 5
Android 6.0.1
ant+ dongle connected via USB OTG
power2max PM
Garmin HRM
xert mobile 1.2.10 (55)

I am using a tacx neo but not using ANT FE-C as I find its ERG mode too aggressive/random.

I can restart the app and it does appear to recover with the correct elapsed time but then closes immediately. I can end the workout and upload so all is not lost but the duration seems to be capped at around 25 minutes.

I imagine there a lot of moving parts here but if anyone has some pointers that would be great.

Hi Peter. We’ll have to have a deeper look to see what might be happening. Please send an email. We’ll likely have to get you to try a few things to narrow down the possible issues. Thanks.

Which sensors do you have connected?