Mobile App: Mode feature behaviour

Typically I ride with Mode set to AUTO… Sometimes I want to really go for a breakthrough in a power interval, in which case I either increment the intensity, or switch to slope.

If I increment intensity to 130% and end up in a gasping mess at the end of the push… it’s a PITA to have to mash the ‘-’ button, especially with sweaty fingers, without my glasses on because I can’t see through the rivers of sweat anyway…
If I switch to Slope, it’s a PITA to cycle through the other modes back to AUTO and (see above) sometimes I overshoot AUTO and have to cycle through again, effing and blinding while I just want to breathe.

My feature request is a quick easy way to return from whatever kooky settings I’ve used to PUSH back to AUTO 100%.

My ideas are:

  • ‘long press’ the intensity display to return to 100%
  • Mode menu follows current behaviour if you press it as a sequence of ‘short taps’ but ‘long press’ returns directly to AUTO
  • if ‘long press’ is problematic, maybe “double tap”? I initially suggested double tap, but then thought sweaty fingers and exhaustion could make that unreliable.
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I would like a setting called Toggle AUTO/Slope.
If enabled the only modes available are AUTO and Slope. :smiley: