Mobile App - Combingin Layouts of Ride & Workout

I’m new here! Fist, I have to say I’m thourouly impressed by the Ride Layout of the mobile app! Clean and Sharp. So much so that I don’t use anymore my Garmin Edge 130 Plus. When my iPhone’s battery is at 100%, I end up using about 15% per hour of riding, which is super economical. So yeah, design + efficent. Great job to the devs on this, I see you!

So, because I love so much the Ride Layout, I was wondering if there would be to have all the pages of the Ride mode while being in the Train mode while I do my workout? For days of low intensity/long section work out, I would really like to have those informations available as they are presented. Or at least, just to have it available to customize and integrated!

Hopefully this might be considered! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Maxime. We love working on the apps so will take your suggestions into consideration. One thing that many iPhone users forget is that you can use a very inexpensive Android phone as a dedicated bike computer (you don’t have to switch from iOS and Android, for example). We have many users simply using something like a Cubut King Kong Mini as their bike computer for indoor rides. In fact, Cubot just announced a King Kong Mini 3 which has an outstanding format (4.5" screen which is ideal for visibility and use on your handlebars). Just a thought was we build out more capabilities on all our platforms.

Wow! Thanks Armando for the tip! It truly never crossed my mind.

That’s gonna be it then! :slight_smile:

For everyone looking at this thread, I didn’t know how much Xert for Android was more customizable than the iOS version.

Actually, XM is the original version of the Android app that lacks the latest features and is no longer supported.
You want the current EBC app for Android that supports the latest changes to XO (
Old app: Xert Mobile
New app: Xert EBC

Reference –
Quick Start Guide: EBC – Xert (

Even Better!!!

Such a great community. Thanks @ridgerider2