MMP set incorrect?

Last week I tried to reach my MMP for the duration of 30seconds and although I was fresh both on Xert as in the real world I did not even come close to it (749 vs 850), when looking at the values until around 5 minutes I am pretty sure this will be the case as well. I have got 2 questions: Is there an error somewhere? And how does this affect my training?

Note that the MPA when I do multiple intervals with limited rest (such as a race) I almost always have a break through.

Execution of a 30s MMP effort is extremely difficult. Getting into the right gear is critical. Avoiding gear shifting, although you may need to mix standing and sitting to make it truly maximal. You need to see a clean power line on your chart without jumps. Having said that, 749 vs. 850 isn’t too bad. 5 minute power is also a challenge for some as it may need a bit of practice to get past the discomfort of holding VO2max for an extended period.