MLSS with coach

Hi All,

I did a MLSS test with my coach this morning. After a long hiatus from training I reached a FTP of 222 watts which is quite good inspite of the long hiatus. How can I use this data in Xert ?

Many physiologists would say that power at MLSS and Threshold Power (TP) are the same. If your Xert TP is different, you can look to set your TP value manually using My Fitness / Advanced tab. To be more precise, I’d recommend you use the Signature Calculator and enter your MLSS power with a very long duration (say 3600). Add your peak power at 1s. You’ll need a 3rd point in the middle to establish your HIE. This should result in a signature with TP near MLSS and HIE / PP set to values Xert will be able to use for your training and for analysis of your subsequent activities.

Hi Armando,

I am still a bit puzzled how I should pick the 3rd point. Should this be an educated guess or do you have other suggestions ?

If you’re looking to be as precise as possible, you could do a test for that third point. Another approach to getting a signature is to do manual MPA analysis on a recent maximal effort ride and anchor your TP during the analysis. Like Rodrigo’s post below, if you have some maximal effort data but they express varying fitness signatures, using known MMP or signature values help narrow down what the values should be. HTH