Mixing Garmin Remote Player & Navigation?

I tried to mix using the Xert remote workout player and navigation today and the results were pretty bad. Is there a way to use them together?

Here is what happenned:

  1. I loaded a workout, selected start later.
  2. got to my navigation setting, selected a course and loaded it.
  3. tried to get back to remote player. couldn’t
  4. tried to stop the activity. couldn’t. “stop” and “lap” buttons totally ineffective. no matter how many times I pushed them, the unit didn’t respond.
  5. tried to shut down the unit. couldn’t. got the message that I had to close Connect IQ app first.
  6. tried to get back to workout player to stop it. couldn’t.

basically, my unit was totally useless.

had to plug it into my pc to get it work normally again. Incredibly frustrating experience.

So is it impossible to use course navigation and the workout player at the same time?

I looked through the support page and didn’t find any guidance about this.

What Garmin Unit is it? (Ex: 530?)

Hi Adam,

Because the workout player runs as an app within the Garmin, access to navigation while using the app isn’t possible.

Once an activity with the Workout Player has started, pressing the play/pause button opens the Workout Paused menu, which includes:

  • RESUME – Return to workout
  • SAVE – Save activity
  • DISCARD – Discard activity
  • END WORKOUT – End workout and continue recording in Activity Mode

Thanks for the reply. FWIW - I didn’t find this documented on the website (maybe my error?) so it was surprising and frustrating - as is the persistent bug which disconnects all sensors after an outdoor workout. Perhaps this limitation should have been obvious to me, but it isn’t what I expected. And since I was planning on a 3-hour ride on new roads, I was looking forward to a bit of structure to give shape to my otherwise long, slow effort.

Best wishes in continuing to develop the platform.

You can find the full documentation here: http://baronbiosys.com/avada_faq/using-the-xert-workout-player-for-garmin-connectiq/

Yeah, its one of the limitations of building an app within the confines of the Garmin ConnectIQ system.