Mix of Bluetooth and Ant+ devices

My setup is as follows: Tacx Flow Smart(ANT+ and BT), Polar HR (BT), SPD/CAD sensors (ANT+ and BT)

It seems that when I connect through BT, my trainer is not recognised properly, as the settings show ‘speed’ and ‘cadence’ twice, but not show ‘control resistance’ or how its called.
Other platforms (Sufferfest, trainerroad, zwift) never had troubles with BT connection on Tacx Flow Smart.
When I connect through Ant+, everything works fine, but I cannot use my HR chest strap, as its bluetooth only…

So 3 options!:

  1. I get a Ant+ chest strap (I dont want to :frowning: ), since my entire setup is build around Polar.
  2. Compatibility between Tacx Flow Smart connected through bluetooth is improved
  3. Im able to connect with a mix of ANT+ and BT devices.

Any feedback?

  1. Hi Gerben. Your Polar HRM should work fine in BT mode. Does it not appear on the list of sensors or does it appear and you have it configured but are not seeing any data from it?
  2. We recommend that you stick with ANT+. It provides the best supportability within our app.
  3. You should be able to connect both ANT and BT devices with the app.

Thanks! I will check it out later today. When I tried connecting my S6 edge, only Ant+ devices were showing. Ill try to troubleshoot this with my phone.
If I can get the HRM connected through BT Ill be one happy cyclist.
As a nerd for numbers your platform looks amazing! (complicated but interesting)