Missing rides from Strava

I use Strava as the repository for all my ride data (FIT files for the past few years but GPX and maybe other formats going back probably 12 years or so, maybe longer). I was looking at my Progression Chart, trying to understand what it is, and noticed that April and May of this year have hardly any information - only about 6 rides. I rode at least 20 times in April alone and all that data is in my Strava Training Calendar but not Xert.

I tried to figure out any particular reason why these rides aren’t showing up and there’s nothing unique or special about them. Some are on the trainer with power data and many are on the mountain bike without power. No correlation with what’s missing.

I haven’t gone thru other months because this would take way too much time. I only noticed the glaring omission because I saw it in the Progression Chart in Xert. Now I have even less trust in what Xert is telling me.

Why is this ride data missing? How can I be sure all of my rides are in Xert?

Solved as far as I know (didn’t manually check every ride) by forcing Sync with Strava from Xert again. No idea why it didn’t get these rides the first time around.