Missing GPS data apparently

Why is it that when i select “Outdoor” under the Recommended Training section the rides that appear have some that claim there is “No GPS” and does not show the route or strain graph?

There is GPS for each of the rides and when i click through any of the rides claiming to have no GPS data there is GPS data.

The thumbnail gets generated when the activity is first processed. If Google Maps isn’t available or there was an issue in processing the activity, it may not have been created. You can delete/re-sync or upload the activity and see if the thumbnail gets generated.

That’s strange then as i have loads of outdoor rides like this 100+ I’d be at it for a week if i tried to delete and resync them all. It makes the ability to select a previous outdoor ride to do impossible as i need to click through each one in turn to just see the map of the rides.

I have seen this before, but it went away on its own. Now I can’t find any. :thinking:
Perhaps some type of latency issue rendering the thumbnail image?
Does the list look the same on your laptop?
Were all outdoor rides recorded on same device and uploaded in same manner?
For example, “Afternoon Rides” versus the Mallorca entries.

All of the problem outdoor rides look like this on my phone, laptop and chromebook.

All were imported from Strava and all were recorded with my Elemnt Bolt and automatically uploaded to strava.

There are lots of them missing the data which basically means the XATA outdoor rides selector is no use.

Whats also strange is that i have indoor xert workouts done on the xert ebc app also showing the “no gps” image.

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