Missing Generate Workout Report icon

I’m trying to download my workout report/graph from my workout a couple of days ago but the “Generate Workout Report” icon isnt there. It is on yesterday’s workout.

One appears to be called “ride summary” while the other is called “cycling summary”. They were bother done using Xert EBC. One has - Xert at the end of the title while the other doesn’t. In Strava they both have - Xert at the end of the title. One seems to be missing the Difficulty Score data too.

Why do some workouts have it and others don’t? For some reason Strava deleted it from my strava feed when i changed the privacy of the ride and want to add it back.

Hi George,

Is it possible that the ride without the workout report was deleted (in Xert) and the re-synced from Strava?

Every workout uploaded from EBC should include a workout report & the workout interval target data (which you can toggle on/off at the bottom of MPA chart), which yours doesn’t have. If the ride is pushed to strava, deleted in Xert, then re-synced from Strava, the activity will lose those details (workout report & interval target power).

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Thanks for the explanation Scott.