Missing data in Activities Table?


I have noticed that when looking at activities in the table, the most recent 10 or so do not include all the data I expect to see, having recorded the rides with power and, on some, registering breakthroughs. I also note these are in green text, whereas older activities are black. I’ve had a look, but can’t see an explanation for this and whether it’s anything to be concerned about - for example, has the data been lost, or simply not being shown in the table?

For reason for looking at the table was to see if I could find activities without power - should rides without power be deleted, so they do not form part of my signature? (For example, I have some gravel rides in there (100 miles, big effort), but also short rides with my sons which won’t contribute to my training.

Thanks all.

Just an update on this - I’ve looked again at the activities table and realised I wasn’t looking closely enough - the green text entries are my planned activities and therefore show expected XSS etc., but not actual ride data.

Correct! Planned activities are shown in green and will only display the planned XSS & Focus.