Mismatch between Progression Chart and Activity Table

For today’s ride … in Progression Chart / Strain I see values of 152, 3 and 1 KJ for low, high and peak strain. In the Activity Table view for this same ride I see values of 513, 16 and 4 KJ for low, high and peak strain. (I double checked, these are are stain values (i.e not stress values)). Basically I am trying to figure out why these strain numbers don’t match in the different views. Any suggestions?

Hi Todd. Sorry for the confusion. The Progression chart shows exponentially weighted aveeages based on a 42-day time constant whereas the Activity table shows per activity values.

Well, looks like I inadvertently broadcasted just how untrained I am at the moment!

In terms of the power system tracking within the Progress Chart … brilliant. I spent some time last night trying to figure out how I would track my “quality” training load using XertOnline (i.e. high and peak power training in Xert lingo). Now I see that is built right in to the Progression Chart. My gut tells me that exponential decay times of 42 for the high and peak loads is probably a bit too long. I know that I can set them as I like – now just have to figure out what numbers to choose. Thanks again.