Mileage not syncing with Strava, does with TP

New user and I have an Edge 830, Kickr v2, and use the Garmin app. At the end of workouts, the Garmin app uploads my workouts to both Strava and Training Peaks. Training Peaks grabs the mileage info from the workout, but Strava doesn’t. Need some help figuring it out.


Have the same issue ? Have we attached the sensors incorrectly ?

Just a thought: did you set the Edge to an indoor profile, i.e. with GPS off? Not sure what logic is used for either system to calculate mileage, but if there are GPS coordinates, Strava may see it as an outdoor ride and you’re not actually moving…

Thanks for your help. I received support directly from Xert and, for future reference for people having the same problem, I was told to have Xert sync with Garmin Connect and not Strava. If it goes through the app and posts to Strava, mileage shows up on Strava.

The interesting thing with this, however, is doing it this way, while mileage does post to Strava, it hasn’t been posting to Garmin Connect. Fortunately you can edit mileage on Garmin Connect so that all sites match up.

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The issues is that Strava doesn’t read data from developer (i.e. ConnectIQ) data fields. Since the trainer is usually configured within the CIQ app, the data from that sensor gets placed in the developer data fields of the .fit file. Which is why Garmin Connect/TP/GC are able to pick it up, but not Strava. Time to get Strava to start reading developer data fields in .fit files. This would also extend to importing Running Power from the Stryd IQ data field, so our athletes could sync their rides and runs to their Xert profiles from Strava directly.

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Thanks for clarifying that - I have had some workouts with the same problem in the past and was always scratching my head as to why this would happen one day, but not the other.

As I use a bunch of apps and devices, different brands of bike computers too, I wasn’t able to figure it out. I know routinely have the Tacx app - as I have a Neo - record my workout too, other than my Edge, or the Xert Player, and then sync data from Tacx to Garmin -> Xert -> Strava. That always works.

I’m not going to waste time on asking Strava to comply - I’ve done that in the past, as I have Wahoo, Tacx and Garmin. Good luck though :upside_down_face:

It’s not that it hasn’t been on Strava’s radar: