Milan San Remo Analysis 2022

What a great ending to the 2022 edition of MSR! We can save the discussion about UCI-legal drop posts elsewhere - ha!

Instead, with some of the ride data being posted on Strava, we are able to create MPA analysis for some of the riders on the podium! In my opinion, the analysis with MPA makes it a bit easier to compare efforts from some of the lead riders. I think this provides a vastly simpler & cleaner analysis than trying to explain the results using older methods, such as average power, power to weight, time in power zones, etc. :wink:

Posted below are the MPA analysis for the last hour of the race for a couple of the top riders:
Matej Mohoric (71 kg), estimated signature ~1400 W PP | 32.0 kJ HIE | 389 W TP

Mathieu van der Poel (75 kg), estimated Signature ~1550 W PP | 34.3 kJ HIE | 420 W TP

Although Mohoric’s signature is a bit lower than MVDP, he was able to utilize his MPA to effectively make a break off the front and then capitalized on an aggressive descent on the Poggio. Together, they may have contributed to the difference in the race! Pretty neat stuff, huh?


These signatures are estimated from just this one, singular activity! That’s one thing (among many others) that makes Xert so powerful and unique. We don’t need weeks of training data nor do we need them to do lab-based 3min/5min/10 min tests to exhaustion to plot a power duration curve & estimate CP/W’. Instead, we simply use their power data, along with MPA, to determine their signature from just one ride! Amazing, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Since the signatures are based on maximal efforts near the end of MSR (~6.5 hours into a race), it’s very likely that the estimated signatures are actually slightly underestimated for both athletes, and that their signatures would be even higher when fresh.

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That is really interesting to visualize. It’s impressive to see the amount of power generated after 5hrs plus of riding! It’s safe to say that Mohoric dug deep for the last 10 minutes (almost breakthrough for him)!