Mega disapointed today - still only at 1 star

The title says it all. Normally I would have a TL of 50-60. After 6 months of not doing much I was down to 8 and one star. Yesterday did a session with 68 XSS and I was at 24.8 TL. For some reason I thought that 25 was the point at which another star was added.

Sadly I was mistaken, still at one star and I will have to wait a few weeks before I get up to 50 TL.

It is still odd that ccording to the documentation >=25 is a barrier but I seem to have been at a full start when in the low 20’s. At least I am past the untrained stage.

0 Stars – Untrained: < 25
1 Star – Recreational: >= 25
2 Stars – Trained: 75 >= 50
3 Stars – Competitive: 110 > 75
4 Stars – Elite: 150 >= 110
5 Stars – Pro Level: >= 150

Hi John,

The documentation is still correct.
What might be confusing is that we’ve updated the training status/form/load stars to a continuous measure (i.e. you can have 1.2 or 4.3 stars), where in the past we used only discrete training status (i.e. only 1 star, 2 star, etc.). As you continue to get back into the groove of things, you’ll notice that your training status will start to fill in the second star. Hope this makes sense! Cheers

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