Mean of Year in Progress Chart


At first I didn’t understand the behavior when I selected “year” in the progress chart – now I think that unlike “3 months” which means the previous 3 months – it means “this calendar year” and so the progress chart is rather minimalistic. I suggest to make it mean “the period one year from the current date”.


sorry I meant “meaning of year”

That’s a good suggestion and should be an easy change. We’ll look to put that in.

Please add “One year backward from today” but please leave “This year”, too.

Getting fancy – some guys have “training years”. In the Joe Friel / TP approach the year starts in the fall after the “racing season” is over. For others its starts on Jan 1. Some folks set goals such as X miles in a year (starting Jan 1) or use periodization with Fall starting a new macro cycle. [Personally I don’t do any of those things as I a have no events to peak for and miles / year is not an appealing measure to me].

But it could be useful to allow folks to set a training year start date? As someone who does some development I know its far easier to say such a thing than make it happen :-). But thinking out load

Both options are now available. :slight_smile: