Mastering Xert - Perform Videos Now Available!

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to release the final Xert Academy lesson from our 3-part series called ‘Mastering Xert’. This video is focused (pun-intended) on all the ways that you can use Xert to help you Perform! Much of the discussion talks about Xert metrics and data fields in the Xert EBC app and Garmin ConnectIQ data fields.

I had a fun time putting this together! As always, I hope you get a chance to watch them and that you find them entertaining and educational! Cheers!

YouTube Playlist here: Mastering Xert - Perform - YouTube

I would recommend watching Lessons 1 & 2 first, if you haven’t already :wink:


Fantastic thanks Scott. I’ll watch them tomorrow.

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Hope you enjoy them!

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That’s great and just what i was quite looking for …real time perform :+1:
A quick question about the versions:
The latest Android version equals the one for Hammerhead Karoo 2?


This is only one Xert EBC app available from Google Play. That is the same app you can install from the Karoo App Store once you register Xert on a Hammerhead account.

Cool, looking forward to watching!

FYI, looks like the YT playlist is out of order (P1, P3, P2)

They don’t show up on the web site top bar “Mastering Xert” series yet. It’s not a huge deal, but when they do get added to the top bar, any chance we can make that blue “NEW” on the video camera icon actually go away when we’ve clicked through to see the new videos? It’s distracting to always see something advertised as “NEW” when I’ve watched the videos already.

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Should be sorted now! Strange, they were originally placed in the playlist in correct order. Technology… amiright? :wink:

These videos will also be added to the top menu - we’re just working on some other new features first :slight_smile:

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Thanks, informative as always.

Two questions, one, how does the carb data field know what you took in? In other words, you say avoid turning it red but doesn’t that depend on intake?

Second, seems each data field has a different color coding, with having them all installed on one page I find it very difficult to remember what each means. Wish there were something else other than color (text?) that can be used for this.


Thanks @Mordy111

Sorry if it wasn’t more clear. The fat/carb data field only displays total usage based on your Power & Fitness Signature - there’s no way for us to allow users to enter their carb intake. It’s something that we’ve already been considering with the EBC app.

Yeah, it’s a lot of different colors - there’s SO much info that we can provide in real-time. The colored descriptions are available for each data field in the ConnectIQ store. Eventually you’ll just know Blue focus duration = mixed specificity or that Blue Watts, Red Fat = a great pace for endurance rides :slight_smile: