Maratona 2023


I’ve got an entry into next years Maratona.

Which training programme would you recommend.

I’m 52 years old, can ride Tue (1 hr) and Thurs (1.5hrs) with a club ride on a Saturday.

My current FTP is around 270/ 3.4w/kg.

Do I set my staus as a climber?



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Are you planning on the long route (138 km/4230m), medium (106/3130), or short (55/1780)?

Since you’re 10 months out from your event you have plenty of time to learn Xert and get fitter BEFORE setting your TED (target event date of July 2). That sets in motion a phased progression 120 days from the event date. You can wait until the first week in March before you do that.
In the meantime, try the Continuous ATP setting as you learn Xert and Xert learns about you.
GC Specialist, Rouleur, or Breakaway Specialist is a good place to start but you can experiment with Focus Duration (Athlete Type) over time or on-the-fly using Filter to locate recommended workouts for that type. By switching types you’ll see what changes in high intensity workouts when form prediction indicates you’re ready for one.
When setting your TED in early March you can switch to Climber as the goal focus for the event.

Keep in mind TL (training load) is the single largest contributor to improving performance over time. The more hours you can invest leading up to the event the better. Base miles at low intensity (<LTP) are key for that.

Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
Academy series videos are the quickest way to get up to speed –
FAQs – Support Home – Xert

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