I did a ride outside and I expected to get a GPS map. I only have a grey GPS icon. Where I expected the map. its on this page

In garmin connect I can see the map. When I click on the activity in Xert. I can see the map but there is some data missing. This could be related to not having a powermeter on my outside bike

is this normal behaviour?

Looks fine to me - refreshing your browser may help, but sometimes there’s a time out…

Oh, and yes: on the activities page, that may sometimes take even longer - I ignore it and it will be there eventually…

And no power means that some other calculations are also not done.

Thats wierd. This is what I see. its from the 2nd of june.

You mention that some other calculations are also not done. So does that mean. I should wait and xert is crunching numbers or should I do something?

I cannot see that page, as it your personal activities overview page. It should have the map, if not immediately, which sometimes happens, then certainly after a while.

You do see the map on the activity detail page, so it’s there. Maybe there’s a bug, where it shows ‘no GPS’ where it actually means ‘no power’? Any idea, @xertedbrain or @ManofSteele?

Here’s a dump of mine…

Any chance you are waiting for IQ2 (in Hillegon) to start delivering units? :smiley:

Xert can estimate XSS from HR data alone but you need historical power and HR data on file for that to work. You won’t have that in full until you can add a powermeter to your bike.

True - you can enable that in your settings (Account Settings/Profile page)…

So yes, that it. I have the numbers now. I edited some, because estimated 200 bpm is a bit high side (age 51) for me.

The GPS sign is still there, but thats ok…the map will prob come around. Am I correct to think that these numbers are automatically adjusted. I have a smart trainer so that could work as a powermeter.

I still got a week of eval but I like to look at it a bit more. Not worked out how to do the workouts yet. I dont like the combination Edge, Zwift, Xert…it feels overcomplicated so I will try a workout on mobile with a OGT cable.

BTW: many thanks on the link to IQ2, looks nice. I have to read the verdict of DCrainmaker on it. much easier on the budget then garmin vector

Save your money for something else, if not iQ2. Look at Assioma instead…

Hi @Pat_rick

Which browser are you using?

I use Edge Chromium on winx64 and Chrome on my ChromeBook

Ahh, okay. So the map preview image is only generated if the first data point(s) have GPS coordinates. If there is no GPS coordinates at the start of the activity, it’s assumed it’s indoor ride so no map preview is generated.

Looks like the first couple min of your ride were started either in indoor mode or without a proper GPS lock, leading to that behavior for that ride.

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