Manually reducing numbers

Hello all,

I January I was training really well and pushing numbers up, then cam Feb and a week off for travel followed by a chest infection for 2 weeks. I feel weaker and know I cant achieve the workout I was a month ago, but all xert parameters (TP,HE,PP) haven’t decreased.
I tried to manually reduce in the account setting, but it seems to return to previous numbers.

What is the best way to manually reduce and build back into my workouts making them achievable and realistic.

Thank you

What is your Decay Method set to?
Go to last activity on file, enter your desired numbers at bottom of chart, then select Save/(lock). Adjustments moving forward will be applied against those values.

Also see: Returning to Training after a Break – Xert (

You can also choose to lower the % on the EBC screens - try doing them at 90% or something else that feels right

Thank you both.

Decay is set to optimal, but doesn’t seem to of reduced the target numbers despite a 3 week lay off Plus a chest infection, leaving workouts as a huge over reach.