Manually change PP

Hey guys,

I have a small problem I hope you can help me out with. XERT estimates my PP way too high (~980 instead of ~815). I tried to manually change it in the profile section of my account, but it keeps on being reset to the higher value. Also, after saving the change it is shown in my profile under account, whilst on my dashboard page the higher PP is still visible.


When was your last BT?
View that activity and edit signature at bottom, Save/Lock, and adjustments trickle-down from that date.
If PP rises again on subsequent BTs that is your estimated/theoretical PP based on the max effort can produce under fatigue (MPA pulled down).
It is not unusual for Pmax indoors to be ~150+ watts lower than what you can generate outdoors.

Thanks ridgerider for the helpful comment. I found a past workout from where the PP basically trickled down and which I adjusted. The beginning 1.5-2 minutes of the closer workouts should now be less cruelling :wink: