Manual workout with no Powermeter/ XSS Calculation

I’m new to cert and could find the answer on this question online. How do I enter activities on my MTB and my Winterbike, where I have no Powermeter? Is there a way to guess? Something like the Strava Suffer Score, that could be used as a baseline? For example I will do 30km on my MTB, so around 90 minutes, what shall I enter in xert? Thank you

You can use the Fitness Planner to enter in manual activities. Just click on a day, or you can drag-and-drop a similar activity that you have performed before that you feel would be similar in duration and intensity. The key is to get the XSS and Focus reasonably accurate.

Thank you, is there a guidance you could give to make it reasonable accurate?

Try and find an activity that is similar is your best bet. Generally, higher intensity have Focus near Sprinters. Easy rides have Endurance focus. Generally 40-50XSS per hour for easy and 80-90XSS per hour for very high intensity. We’re going to write an FAQ on this shortly.

Christian, you can use the Borg’s RPE to estimate the TSS and then insert it on XSS field. It’s also a “good” starting point!

but the RPE is only to get the difficulty of the overall workout, but not the XSS value per hour or overall, or how would you do that.

Take a look in here:

so TSS = XSS? I thought that it was different, then sorry

It’s different, you’re right. But as I’d said “It’s also a “good” starting point!” :wink:
I’ve seeing some correlation factor with the time & difficulty on the XSS calculation. I use an archaic model to estimate XSS by TSS based on that observation. But i’ts probably wrong…