Manual Workout w/ range of FTP (FTP Zone)

Hi everyone; i have search in other topics but i not have find. Just a question… I need add a manually workout in my XERT. I need more workouts w/ training in some FTP zone. For example: 20’ Z1. OK, i add manually the training but i not find the menu, from the list, for work w/ my ftp Range Z1 equivalent (in my case is 1-120 W for Z1, 121-164 W for Z2 etc…). Is possible set the workout w/ this value ? Sorry for stupid question and for my bad English. Thanks inadvanced for support/help. Good ride @ everyone ! Corrado, Italy. :hugs:

Yes you can use xert workout designer

  • workouts
    then create new workout (in Up right corner).

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Thx so much faraday. Yes, i know your tips, but, i not find the exact parametr for setting the appropiate value from the menu list of Power (third column). I attach the screenshot for understand. I need to insert a range of my zone but i dont know what is the exact voice from the menu. I have try but without success. Thanks again.

You can use %TP for your zone

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Yes, but i have one value only w/ FTP %. I need the interval target, not one fixed %. For example, for my Z2 is 56% to 75%, so, i need inset this interval from 56 to 75 in percentage. THX again. BR

Is this for riding indoors or outdoors?

Which zone model are you referring to? 5/7 or 3 zones?
Xert’s approach is a strain model that does not rely on traditional old-school 5/7 zones.
Sweet Spot, Threshold and Polarized Training … By the Numbers – Xert (

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Hi, thx ridgerrider, is for outdoors. I work w/ 7 zones. Thx again.

Just put the target halfway between the two at 66%.

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Thanks Old_Major, yes, this is any solution i have think this but at 50% of difference value but yes, i follow your tips for the 66%. For example: if i need work 1h at my Z3, (from 165 to 196 W) i need input 180 W (if fot the 50%) or, (if i follow your tips), 185 W. Is exactly ? In this case, i select ‘Absolute’, the first voice of the menu ‘Power’ ? Thanks for help. C.

Just do the ride. There is no need to create a workout.

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