Manual upload _to_ Strava

I’m probably missing something super obvious, but is there a way to manually sync selected activities to Strava? Essentially like the existing dialog to sync rides from Strava where you see the list of activities and select the ones to sync?

I have automatic syncing deactivated to avoid duplicates, but want to upload e.g. my Xert session rides to Strava.

I have been manually downloading the .fit file and uploading that to Strava so far but that seems very clunky.


There is no manual sync I am aware of.
Are the duplicates due to Garmin Connect activities or something else?
Is this the article you followed to set things up?
Adding & Syncing Activities – Xert (

Mostly Zwift, especially when I did Xert workouts while riding on Zwift.

I guess I could stop uploading directly from Zwift to Strava and go with everything through Xert exclusively. But then I’d lose the additional stuff that gets uploaded, pictures etc.

If you have been using the ZWO export function to ride Xert workouts on Zwift, there is a better way to do that without exporting the workout. Here’s the article –
The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (

Yes, I have been using the guide to set it up. It works great, the Xert App is controlling the trainer and Zwift is for entertainment.

The problem is afterwards, I’m using the file from the workout player app for Xert and Zwift is uploading to Strava for the additional bells and whistles.

Generally this works fine, with the exception of certain Xert only activities like Sessions which need to be uploaded to Strava manually.

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I haven’t Zwifted in long while so hopefully a fellow Zwifter chimes in with their experience.
Ideally it sounds like you want to merge the bells and whistles from Zwift with the analysis and workout/BT reports from Xert.
FitFileTools has a file combiner but not sure if that would help and it would involve even more steps. :frowning:

My Sessions workouts are moving to Strava but I have automatic enabled so that’s to be expected.