Manual signature extraction updates signature continuously

Yesterdays breakthru workout increased PP and TP, while decreasing HIE. Today, put of curiosity, I selected manual instruction on the same workout (to see if it would extract) and was surprised to see TP increase further and HIE drop again. I think I restored the values to the previous settings at least from memory, but now I’m concerned that the values aren’t accurate (the original increase in TP was pretty sagnificant, a little over 6%. Is it because the xert training regiment is very effective, or is it an error?)

A 6% increase isn’t uncommon and normally comes after a longer period without a breakthrough and after solid gains from training.

Armando, thanks for the prompt response, as always. Does this mean that one should avoid manually extracting (by which I mean selecting advanced mpa, and clicking the extract signature button) signature from a breakthru ride so as not to introduce errors?

To use the Extract feature properly, you should first enter in the values for the signature you believe to be correct for you and then hit the extract button. Hitting the button successfully without doing this, merely accentuates the maximal effort patterns of your current activity over your previous history in establishing your signature. If the current activity’s patterns are weak, this can throw off the numbers.